Saturday, March 10, 2018

BSides Austin 2018

Had a really interesting time at the BSides Austin conference this year. It was well worth taking a couple of days out of the office to go and catch up with some old friends, and attend some sessions. For such a large event I was pleased to recognize a fair number of faces.

I particularly enjoyed the GDPR session led by David Ochel. My take is that most Americans in data security and privacy have so far dismissed the GDPR as primarily applying in Europe. While that may be true, its effects are going to be felt far wider than that. I felt some attendees were wondering why this European privacy directive was being discussed at a seminar being run in Texas. Hopefully this at least gave them some food for thought.

If you're involved in an international business, it's likely you'll be dealing with GDPR at some point real soon now. And if you're not operating internationally, consider this: the GDPR is effectively now the gold standard for data privacy protection. Other jurisdictions are going to get drawn upwards towards it. You may find that planning to move towards meeting its requirements in the future prepares you to deal with other requirements that spring up locally along the way.

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